The Volcano Village Artists Hui is a group of working artists in Volcano, Hawaii, who have skills in many art media. Reflected in the work are the elements of Hawaii such as lava, birds, animals, tropical plants, and the culture of Hawaii as it blends with each artist’s origins. All of "the Hui" artists have the distinction of having works included in fine art collections and have won major awards in their chosen media. Over the 25 years the Hui has been in existence, each artist's work has evolved with new ideas, materials and methods. There is always an awareness of living on the Big Island of Hawaii that suffuses the entire line of works; regardless of artist or medium. Each spring, the Hui presents Artists in Action - a day of free art demonstrations and workshops for adults and kids alike. Every November the artists open their studios over the Thanksgiving weekend and welcome the public to see their latest works. Within the group of artists, there is a feeling of achievement as they reach for the goal of fulfilling personal ambitions as well as enriching the community with their creative efforts.